Automatic construction equipment assignment

Geolocate and optimize your asset management
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GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking

Geolocate your equipment fleet in real time

Install our GPS tracker in a few seconds on your tools and equipment. Know where is what, anytime.
  • Better job site assignment with a clear overview of your equipment fleet.
  • Make your teams’ intervention easier with assets’ exact location.
  • Keep track of your fleets’ movements with GPS tracking.

GPS tracking avoids equipment theft 

If theft happens, TEQTRACK geolocates in real time the stolen equipment to recover it.
You make your job site dissuasive by placing GPS trackers on your equipment.
This solution also makes you savings up to 20% on your insurance costs.
GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking

A real time, accurate inventory of all your equipment

By geolocating your Equipment fleet, TEQTRACK gives you access to a real time inventory to know what is in stock or on site.
  • Stay up to date on your fleet availability
  • Increase your asset management ratio with accurate information

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To insure the best return on investment, we adapt subscription pricing to the size of your equipment park